Project Scoutfish:
Open content guide and traveller network.

For those who like to get out of their homes.

Scoutfish is much more than just a travel guide.

Scoutfish combines two systems in one: a structured Creative Commons with a functional social network. We thus create a real all-round platform for all conceivable (travel) activities. To make travelling easier and more versatile. In order to keep friends in the loop. To update on-site information and make it available.

Scoutfish travel guide and travel communityWe are travelers and we love to discover.

Our goal: In Scoutfish you can find all the relevant information to any place of the world without loosing time while searching. Everything that may be important, useful or inspiring for your activities. You can contribute your own content – factual information in the guide, personal impressions within the community. Scoutfish is designed for the benefit of all its participants: Providers, travel professionals and travelers meet each other at eye level!

Why participate in Scoutfish?

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Open content

Scoutfish works on the Wiki principle, everyone can and should take part and write – you too! All the input masks are pre-structured and very easy to handle.

Your compass

Scoutfish makes its swarm knowledge available on demand. So you can use the collected information of the community conform to your interests.


Absolut transparent and sophisticated content reviews will help you to find the right places. The ratings are editorially prepared and will be filled out (and read) quickly.


Your data

While we can not guarantee that the NSA keeps away … but: your personal data and your user behavior are yours alone and not marketed by us in any way.

Your platform for all (travel) activities.

Excursions, sporting activities, cities and cultural attractions – share your experiences as useful information on Scoutfish. In the travel guide, in the community – readable for all or only privately for friends. Plan your travel and activities, explore historical sites or simply look for entertainment. Whether far away or at home.

Would you like to support Scoutfish?

We require any kind of support: content (traveller knowledge or expertise), photos, translations (English, Spanish, French and more), Rails, Java, or CSS specialists, filmmakers …